Thursday, January 21, 2016

Alphabet Christmas Lights-ABC Center

Yes, I do realize that most people have had their Christmas things put away for quite a while!  But my kids just love this center and begged me to keep it out a little longer, so what else could I do?!  (This is just one of the activities in our ABC Center, so yes, there are other non-Christmas themed activities to choose from!)  These Christmas lights are die-cut from laminated construction paper, but you could use a cute clipart of a light bulb.  I just put a strip of magnetic tape on the back of each "light", and taped pieces of yarn to our whiteboard for them to "hang" on.  

The students can put the lights in alphabetic order...
Alphabet Christmas Lights, Kindergarten,

 ...or they can spell out simple words or sight words.
Alphabet Christmas Lights, Kindergarten,

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