Monday, March 21, 2016

Teddy Bear Picnic

It's Spring!
Last week was our Spring Break, but before we could leave, we had to wake our bears up from hibernation.  They sure were hungry after hibernating in our classroom cave all winter!  You can read about our hibernating bears here.
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After we woke up the bears and each student had their beloved bear back, we all sat down and read Bear Wants More, by Karma Wilson. (I know I mentioned it before, but I just love these bear books!  And they go along so perfectly with what we are learning about!)
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After reading the book, it was time for our Teddy Bear Picnic!  Since bears like to enjoy fish and honey, we snacked on Goldfish crackers and Honey Comb cereal.
teddy bear picnic,

teddy bear picnic,

 Everyone was so excited to have their bears back and it was so cute to watch them "feeding" their bears!
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