Friday, October 14, 2016

Halloween Sensory Tub

This month's sensory tub is Halloween themed!  
Sensory tubs give the students time to freely explore different types of items.  There are no rules or directions, just options!  The students can sort, build, play, count, etc.

Halloween Sensory Tub,

Here's some of the items in our tub...
Halloween Sensory Tub,
*rubber bats
*brooms (Hobby Lobby)
*ghosts made from white fabric
*witches cauldrons (Target)
*Different types of pom poms (Hobby Lobby)
*witches hats (Hobby Lobby)
*Halloween erasers (Target)
*felt spiders
*felt spider webs (Target)

To work on fine motor skills, I also include...
*large tweezers (Lakeshore)

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