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The best way to ensure success in school, is to get kids reading!  If we can get the parents involved and show students from a young age how much fun reading can be, then we've done our jobs.  Take Home Book Packs are a great way to strengthen the home-school connection.  These packs provide quality time for the families to sit and enjoy reading books together and to have fun completing activities that go along with the books.
Take Home Book Packs, www.JustTeachy.com

 For these packs, I chose classic books that I know families will enjoy reading together.
Books for Take Home Book Packs, www.JustTeachy.com

Each pack that goes home contains one book and two activities for the families to enjoy together.  The families get to keep the pack for the whole week so they can read and do the activities as many times as they would like, and also because I know how busy the weekdays can be with after school activities!

I've had different types of Book Packs throughout the years, but this year I updated the activities and gave the covers face lift so they all look a little prettier!   
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Take Home Book Pack, www.JustTeachy.comCorduroy Take Home Book Pack, www.JustTeachy.com

The Missing Mitten Mystery Take Home Book Pack, www.JustTeachy.comThe Mitten Take Home Book Pack, www.JustTeachy.com

If Your Give a Mouse a Cookie Take Home Book Pack, www.JustTeachy.comIf Your Give a Pig a Pancake Take Home Book Pack, www.JustTeachy.com

The Snowy Day Take Home Book Pack, www.JustTeachy.comWhere the Wild Things Are Take Home Book Pack, www.JustTeachy.com

The skills covered in the activities are:

Letter Recognition
Beginning Sounds
CVC Words
Sight Words
Number Recognition 
Number Order
Counting by 10s

Counting Backwards from 20
Sorting Objects
Story Retelling

Of course, participation in the Book Pack Program is optional, so I send home an information sheet with a permission slip at the bottom for the parents to return if they would like to participate. 

To keep track of who has which Book Pack each week, I have a simple spreadsheet with the name of each pack down the side, and I write the student's name next to the pack they select to take home.

My new Book Packs are available now in my Teachers Pay Teachers store if you would like to make some for your students!  
Take Home Book Packs, www.JustTeachy.com
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Book Packs will be discounted 25% off for the first 48 hours!  SO HURRY! :)

Take Home Book Packs, www.JustTeachy.com

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