Wednesday, May 17, 2017


It's hard to believe that this school year is just about over!  But that just means we have to cram as much fun as possible into this little bit of time.  
Bring on the Happy Campers!

This tent set-up has been an exciting addition to the room.  I have been choosing two kids at a time to get to use our campsite.  They can choose to sit in the chairs, or sit inside the tent while they do their work.  

 I hung this display in the hall, but it would also make a cute bulletin board display.  I took a picture of each student looking "excited".  The kids got to color their camper any way they wanted, then we glued their pictures in the window of their campers.

We made a class graph about whether they would want to camp in a tent or a camper.

 Next to our tent, I have a fishing station set up.  The fishing poles are just dowel rods cut to size with twine tied onto one end, and a magnet tied to the end of the twine.  The paper fish each have a paper clip attached to their mouths so they can be "caught"!

The kids can sort the fish by size of color.

Thanks to Lucky Little Learners for these awesome QR codes for some camping read alouds!

For a little crafting time, we made handprint campfires.

Then of course, who doesn't need a new bookmark?!

And then there's my new favorite Happy Camper shirt!  This shirt is so comfy and soft, and it really ties the theme together, don't you think!?

If you liked these ideas, you can grab my Happy Campers unit on Teachers Pay Teachers!  
(I have more ideas for this unit in the works.  If you purchase now, before the price increases, you'll be able to get the updates for free!)

Happy Camping!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Our Classroom's a Zoo!

We have had so much fun the past two weeks studying about animals.  We worked on sorting animals by their physical characteristics. (color, size, body covering, limbs, and how they move)
Earlier this year, I came across this awesome blog post and I just couldn't wait until we could do this project in our classroom.  Thank you to Kindergarten Kindergarten for the amazing lesson ideas! 

We started our project by looking at animals and sorting picture cards by the animals' physical characteristics.  Each day, the kids worked in groups to sort the picture cards any way they decided.  Then I had them sort the animals by one of the specific characteristics I wanted us to cover.  

Next we made an anchor chart for the characteristic we covered that day.  

The students then chose an animal to put in their Science Journals and used the anchor charts to write a sentence or two about the animal. 

After practicing sorting the animals by the five different characteristics, it was time to start working on our zoo!  
The kids brought in stuffed or plastic animals from home, and then our next step was to create the signs for our animals.  Using our anchor charts, we wrote one sentence about each characteristic for our animals.  (ex. A sheep is white.  A sheep has four legs.  A sheep can walk. etc.)
They also had plenty of time to look through nonfiction animal books to discover even more about their animals.

After the signs were completed, it was time for the really fun part.  Decorating the zoo!  I let the kids take full control of this part.  They basically told me which color of paper they needed and then got to work.  I was so impressed with their writing and decorating skills!
On Friday, we invited the parents and other teachers and staff on campus to come visit our zoo and see what we had been learning.

Ms. Hunter's class held their zoo on the same day as ours, so we set up an admissions table in the hall.  We let the students take turns greeting guests and passing out animal crackers

 This was such a fun project for the kids and myself!  The best part was watching the kids work together to create the zoo, and hearing their conversations as they made decisions.  

Thanks again Kindergarten Kindergarten for the awesome idea!
(The animal picture cards, along with Animal Colors and Animal Body Covering Powerpoints all came from

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Planting Seeds and Reading Fairy Tales

Time to get a little dirty while learning about how plants grow!

After reading books about parts of plants and how plants grow, we of course had to plant our own seeds to witness this first hand.

First we added soil to our cups...

...then the kiddos planted two lima beans, two pinto beans, and some grass seeds in a clear plastic Solo cup. (I like to consolidate!)

The clear cups allow the kids to see the roots as the plants grow! (Which they think is really cool!)

We also watched this awesome video on YouTube to see how the lima beans would grow.

Since we were also learning about Fairy Tales, we read Jack and the Beanstalk and added the castle in the clouds to our plants.

When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I just had to add a huge beanstalk to the corner of our classroom!

Here's our anchor chart we made for our study of Fairy Tales.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Art Fridays

One of our favorite things to do on Fridays is art!  If I don't already have a bigger project planned, we will jump on YouTube and choose a picture to draw from Art for Kids Hub.  This awesome father/daughter combo shows you step by step how to draw all kinds of things.

Here are two of our peacocks!

Have fun with art!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Shout Out to Awesome Free Products!

Who doesn't love FREE!  Free is awesome and it's even better when the free item is an amazing product that my Kinders enjoy learning with.  Here are two great items that we have been enjoying lately.

Race to the Pond
This is an adorable board game for the kids to practice reading CVC words.  You can find it here, at  She has 15 game boards to choose from so you can concentrate on one vowel at a time, or a combination of vowels.

Subtraction Smash
This fun subtraction game comes from  We used this version as a whole group activity.  Each student had their own mat and divided their ball of Play-doh into six smaller balls.  I rolled a die and we smashed that many balls, then stated the subtraction sentence we were demonstrating. This was just about as much fun as you can have learning subtraction!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Silent E Board Game

This past week we have been working on Silent E.  I made this little board game to help my Kinders practice reading silent e words during Guided Reading, or our Morning Games, times.  All they have to do is roll the die, move that many spaces, and read the CVC word & silent e work on their space.  The first person to the Finish is the winner!

To get your FREE copy of our Silent E game, simply head over to Facebook and "like" Just Teachy!  (The file is located on the "Fan Freebies" tab.)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Light Table CVC Words

The light table has definitely been a favorite center in the classroom this year!  The students have been having fun exploring all the different items I have put out so far.  You can see my previous post about everything I have for our light table here.  
Today I introduced the new CVC Word Pages I created. The students spell the cvc words using the same alphabet glass stones that I made for previous activities.

These pages have been added to my "Light Table Activities" available on Teachers Pay Teachers. (If you've already downloaded this product, you can download it again for free to get the new pages!)