Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mini Eraser Activities

Who doesn't love an adorable mini eraser?!  I know my students can't get enough of them!  Not only do we use them as manipulatives in math, I also have them out for the students to explore during our morning games.  They love to sort them, make patterns with them, and they especially love to pretend they are cookies to serve!

When I saw these spaceship and alien erasers at Target, I had to grab them for my Kinders, and I created these activities to use with them.

Addition Within 10
Mini Eraser Activities, addition

Addition Within 20

Mini Eraser Activities, addition

Race to 20
Mini Eraser Activities, Race to 20

Race to 50
Mini Eraser Activities, Race to 50

Clear the Board
Mini Eraser Activities, Clear the Board

These activities can all be found here!
Mini Eraser Activities, Space Themed

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